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Welcome to our video games homepage. Contained herein you will find our various musings on every form of video game be it arcade, PC, console or portable. Take a look around and enjoy yourself. Any questions or comments can be sent to KenshiroKing. Thanks.


Guns Don't Kill People, Video Games Do

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 12/11/03 20:08 PST.

I'd like to be the first to welcome aboard the newest member of our LU staff Stray Dog. He will be periodically writing exclusive video game reviews and various other polygon related articles for our site.

I hope you find his first article, On Violence and Thievery, as enjoyable a read as I did.

The Premium Downloadable Content

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 11/25/03 23:48 PST.

New DLC for MechAssault came out today and costs $5. Above is the link detailing what it is all about. I did not find the new DLC all that exciting since I for the most part am a Team Destruction player, but out of respect for the past year of fun this game has given me I would gladly shell out $5 for this and every other DLC that comes out after even if I have moved on to other games. I have only played the two new game types once, but my initial impressions are not favorable. I will not get into it and I do not want to mislead any of you out there until I find more time to play the new content.

MechAssault 2

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 11/24/03 23:14 PST.

This section got a sizable update. The new updates are dated. This article covers my thoughts on the fixes that should be implemented into either MechAssault via DLC or MechAssault 2.

Xbox Forum Discussion Related to the FPS

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 11/06/03 23:15 PST.

Here is the Xbox forum discussion where Heady Nugs and I defend Halo against some attacks by NunyaBitnez of Band of Gamers.

Good News for Xbox Live Gamers.

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 11/05/03 22:00 PST.

Excellent. Everything is falling into place. It appears that not only is Counterstrike about to come to the Xbox, but Xbox live is reporting record numbers. Read for yourself here. This means good things for the future console gaming. Like it or not, Xbox is leading the way in online gaming in console form, as well as having the best system currently out on the market. Rip and I have made no secret of the fact that we are strong proponents of Microsoft's gaming machine, and this is just one more reason for us to be so.

Video Game Review of the Week 11/04

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 11/04/03 19:00 PST.

Almost back on schedule, I present you with another Video Game of the Week. This time I actually have a valid excuse. Not only was I in Seattle the weekend before last, but both my mom AND my dad's house nearly caught on fire in the fires that have burned much San Diego. So give me a break. It is my fullest intention to have another one of these babies up next week. I already am playing the next game. Alot. It's good. Stop reading this, follow the link. Read my review.

MechAssault: The Wrath of the Puma Strategy Guide

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 11/01/03 14:11 PST.

Here is a Puma strategy guide written by Squatting Eagle. He is popularly considered the premiere Puma pilot in MechAssault.

MechAssault Capture the Flag Update

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 10/25/03 17:07 PST.

I would like to thank Ghetto Oracle for sharing his strategy on CTF Midtown. Check it out here.


--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 10/21/03 11:00 PST.

They're at it again. As we all know violent video games are to blame when some psychotic kids open fire on a car full of people. It's actually kind of funny how the families are taking a shotgun approach to their lawsuit. I'm surprised I'm not on the list of people being sued. After all, I bought that game, doesn't that make me liable?

Note: I'm only making fun of the lawsuit, not the fact that all those people died. That's a tragedy. Just take those kids out back and shoot them in the head. No suit necessary.

Video Game Review of the Week 10/21

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 10/21/03 23:35 PST.

Rumors of my death have been greatly exagerrated. School has been a bitch guys. As you'll read in newest Video Game of the Week class has just really been taking it out of me what with 5 history classes, 4 of them upper division. Anyway, you don't come here to listen to me bitch, that's Kicker's job. You come to me for quality Game Reviews. So read it already.

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