A brief forward/disclaimer before we get into the list. In order to even have qualified for this list, the game in question needed to be in its best form on a console. This obviously eliminates many great games that were, in fact, ports. However, seperate lists for arcade and PC exist on this site, so feel free to look for your favorites there. The criterea, for those of you who give a crap, are as follows:

Fun - The pure, unadulterated joy caused by playing this game. You know the feeling; You're happily playing your game when the plot twists in some way or you accomplish some goal and a tiny moment of euphoria spreads through your being like when you're back home at Christmas time.

Gameplay - Several different things. How able you are to control the actions of the protagonist, for one. Poor control designs can butcher a game. Also, the physics and programming of the game engine. If there are holes in the continuity of the gameplay, there are holes in the game.

Originality - How original the game's concept/storyline/gameplay/sound and music is. Pretty self explanatory.

Sound & Music - A huge part of any video game is what is produced by said game to be absorbed through those little flaps of skin on either side of your head. Too many perfectly good games have been ruined due to the poor quality of their audio effects.

Storyline - Damned if this isn't an important category. For example: Remember(game)? It was released when (fancy new system) came out? It had amazing GRAPHICS, and an ORIGINAL CONTROL SCHEME, but the storyline was ass? Did you like that game? Ya, neither did we.

Intangibles - Everthing else. Slighty less important, individually, than the other categories, but when combined together, they can make or break a game. And yes, that factor that you're thinking about is in this category and we've already thought of it. Hah.

One final word: Contrary to most people who make controversial lists, I actually would like to hear from you. HOWEVER, let's keep things intelligent. If I get any "(this game) rulez. You suxor. Fag." Kinda emails, I swear to God almighty I'll get the belt out on the lot of you. Other than that, I would love to discuss why this game or that did or did not make the list. Without further adieu Da list.