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November 01, 2003

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Javelin Distance Comparison

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/23/03 14:16 PST

This video displays the superiority of the range of the javelin missile as compared to both the ppc and gauss rifle. The Ragnarok begins at the extreme range of the javelins and then closes to the extreme range of the gauss rifles.

Javelin Targeting Arc Comparison

This video shows the greater targeting arc of the javelin missiles over the gauss rifles and ppcs. Note how the missiles arc over the terrain and damage the enemy, while the respective ppcs and gauss rifles slam harmlessly into the hill.

Hackman Wall Climb

This video is me wall climbing with a Hackman in Junkyard. At the outset of the video I walk straight at the hill to prove that the hill cannot simply be walked over. Then I proceed to use the wall climbing technique to scale the side of the hill.

Ragnarok Wall Climb

This video is me doing the more difficult feat of wall climbing with a Ragnarok in River City.

Double Gauss Rifle Shot

This video is the double gauss shot trick. This is done by pressing and holding the fire button just prior to walking over a ballistic powerup.