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February 16, 2003

Here are a few collected thoughts of Riposte101's concerning MechAssault that he posted on GameFaqs.

From: Riposte101 | Posted: 2/16/2003 4:36:12 AM | Message Detail
Light mechs are physically incapable of outflanking a good assault (Atlas/Prometheus, Rag/Ymir) mech pilot. Sure you can run faster than I can torso turn but only if you are in close (in your attempt to close the distance I would have already expended volley after volley into your 2700 points worth of armor). If you do survive this, which is unlikely without null signature or target jamming, even then I can adjust by moving in conjunction with the torso turn long enough to nail you with my 4xAC/2xGauss/2xPPC as they recycle. As you have likely not played against many good large mech players I can see how you would arrive at your conclusion. I play every mech in the game and well I might add, save for the Uller and Vulture (for obvious reasons) so I know their limitations going up against an assault class mech with a good player at the controls. Granted in my kitfox I can solo 99% of the assault class mech pilots out there, there will be that elite one percentile that will be nigh impossible unless I am charged up or get a lucky leg shot (things I cannot count on). Again, this is only in the case of soloing.

From: Riposte101 | Posted: 2/16/2003 4:40:09 AM | Message Detail
Null signature is useful in that it allows you to close the distance avoiding ranged combat and thus enabling the light mech to use its strength, which lies in avoidance (meaning dodging in close.) This is extremely useful in heated battles and against less experienced pilots, as their attention is not focused entirely on their surroundings to pick up the movements of a null signaled mech. However, when it is one on one, it is entirely too easy to note the puffs of dust being kicked up by the moving null signatureded mech. Then it is only a matter of scoring a single hit, be it with a machine gun, pulse laser or any other armaments your mech may be carrying and your null signature is as useful as chicken soup is as a remedy for cancer.

From: Riposte101 | Posted: 2/16/2003 4:52:53 AM | Message Detail
Also of import is that these puffs of dust being kicked up glow mysteriously. If you do not know what I am referring to, watch a moving null signaled mech closely next time. So when you see me in a null signaled Puma/Hackman/Kitfox with brightly glowing dust clouds marking my passing, come get some of this glowing. As Master Lou said in Sealab 2021, "Look man, your soul? I'm going to totally chew on it and floss with your spirit."