MechAssault: The Downloadable Content

November 25, 2003

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 23:48 PST.

The Premium Downloadable Content

New DLC for MechAssault came out today and costs $5. Above is the link detailing what it is all about. I did not find the new DLC all that exciting since I for the most part am a Team Destruction player, but out of respect for the past year of fun this game has given me I would gladly shell out $5 for this and every other DLC that comes out after even if I have moved on to other games. I have only played the two new game types once, but my initial impressions are not favorable. I will not get into it and I do not want to mislead any of you out there until I find more time to play the new content.

The Third Downloadable Content

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 6/16/03 16:00 PST.

Disclaimer: Forgive the errors and the general roughness of this post. I’m trying to hammer it out and get online again.

Well kiddies, those sneaky guys at Day 1 ninjaed in some new content for Mechassault: 5 new modes and 3 new stages. The first stage is a city in an enclosed valley with many buildings for your destroying pleasure. The thing that makes this city map different from others is that it is multi-leveled. A handful of bridges now span above the city. Almost everything is destructible as per usual. The second map is an asteroid with multi tiered plateaus allowing for many places for light mechs to snipe from. Jump jets are a must for this one. The third map is a CTF only map that bears a striking resemblance to Frosty. Collapsible ice bridges and snowy hills combined with a few wide-open areas make this a decent CTF map.

The 5, well 3 really, new modes are Scout, Team Scout, Skirmish, Team Skirmish and Giant Killer. Scout and Team Scout are versions of Destruction but only allow for light mechs, while Skirmish is the same but allows medium mechs as well. Giant Killer is a mesh between a Godzilla match and Not It. Everyone picks which Heavy mech they would like to be, then all but one of the players are reduced to Elementals. When a kill is made, the player who actually makes the kill becomes the new giant and assumes the mech that the player picked at the beginning of the match.

Initial Impressions:
I only hope that the new forms of destruction do not take away from the existing forms and make games even harder to start. Overall, this looks like a good addition. In depth review to follow shortly.

Second Download Content

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 5/19/03 13:29 PST.

The long awaited and much anticipated second downloadable content is out today, so my crew and I took the day off from work to play MechAssault all day to celebrate. Here is my rundown of the new content.

Loki: The Loki is what the Mad Dog always should have been. Just like the Mad Dog its arsenal consists of crossbow missiles, autocannons and pulse lasers. While, it does suffer negligibly by having one fewer crossbow missile (three instead of four), its advantages more than make up for this deficiency. These advantages include more armor, more speed (the Loki's thirty-one to the Mad Dog's twenty-nine), much better heat dissipation and one extra autocannon (two instead of one). This turns the autocannon into a viable weapon with superior knockdown ability. On top of all of that it is also packing null signature! Congratulations you have just made the Mad Dog completely obsolete, but in the mech designer's defense the Mad Dog had always been woefully underpowered to begin with.
Overall: A formidable mid to short-range mech.

HellBringer: Um…Wtf is this? Two autocannons, one flamethrower, one javelin missile, poor jump jets and mediocre heat dissipation? This mech is the posterboy for futility. It could still have been salvaged if the flamethrower actually meant a damn. The flamethrower jacks up your own heat, but does little damage. On top of that it is slow and short ranged. Since the projectile is also slow moving, a fast mech can simply run away from it and the burst of flame will dissipate before it reaches you. I believe that the initial concept of this weapon was that it was supposed to heat up your opponent, thus making this a strategic mech. For whatever reasons this was not implemented and as it stands this mech is no better than the lowly Uller.
Overall: A waste of 1s and 0s.

Capture the Flag: Been playing this all morning and it has been some serious fun. More analysis of this new feature forthcoming.

Desert Storm: This map owns. It’s huge and there are lots of in map power-ups and good defensible positions.

Midtown Mayhem: A ridiculously small map with two less-than-ideal base locations. This coupled with the insane amount of cover, makes it too easy for runners to make it back with the opponents’ flag.

Other Additions: Finally a boot feature! Also included is that during the game the name of the person speaking is now displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen and in the lobby the voice status of the speaker is grayed out whenever somebody is talking. The most important new feature is that once a game is concluded the players are sent back into the lobby room for an opportunity to play another round without having to use the poorly designed friends invite feature.

Capture the Flag
Desert Storm
Midtown Mayhem
Finally a use for the Corvus! CTF!

Since the patch was implemented, Optimatch is no longer working properly.
Desert Storm should be made available for Team Destruction play.
Still no Fix to the health bug!

Overall Patch Grade: B-