MechAssault: Capture the Flag Guide

May 31, 2003

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 00:49 PST.

Capture the Flag Guide: Part I

Here is my in-depth analysis of this game mode.

Disclaimer: These tactics and strategies assume that every member of your team has command of the basic mechanics of the game and that there is constant team communication between members.

Map: Desert Storm

The Team
Corvus: Runner
Corvus: Runner
Puma: Base Defense/Pursuer/Flag Relay
Puma: Base Defense/Pursuer/Flag Relay

Synopsis: The basic strategy behind this team is to blow the other team out with the sheer superiority of offense paired with a very strong defense.

Offense: The reason underlying the choice of the twin Corvus runners is due to the distance that runners need to travel on this map to capture and return the flags. While one Corvus makes it back to the base with the flag the other Corvus is in position to retake the flag as soon as it respawns. In this way you double the attempts of flag captures and tax the defenders with constant attacks. This in turn will cause the defenders to have fewer upgrades to their weapons and this leads to making flag captures more manageable. This analysis does not take into account the common practice of defenders that follow the runner out of the base, further weakening the defenses for the second runner. If the Corvus runs into trouble and is unable to make it all the way back to the base a Puma can intercept the runner part way and relay the flag back to the base. The success of this is of course heavily dependent upon the runnerís communication with his teammates.

Defense: The versatility of the Puma makes it the pillar of the team. No opponent can run from a pair of Pumas in pursuit. The payload on this fast jump capable mech is nothing short of amazing, a PPC, a pair of machineguns and two crossbow missiles. It is custom built to tear apart runners. PPCs and crossbows for fast heavy damage and two machineguns for use on target jammed opponents. Machineguns also serve the dual purpose of revealing null signaled mechs and are quickly followed by volleys of crossbows to keep them lit. One Puma stays close to the flag while the other roams the middle ground to assist with relaying flags and picking up the opponents' runners. If the other teamís runner manages to slip by the first (unlikely), it still needs to deal with the second Puma. If the enemy manages to take hold of the flag both Pumas converge to take them out. As the runners return to the base for drop offs they will assist the defenders by alerting them of null signatured mechs and lighting them up with their dual pulse lasers and autocannon.

Capture the Flag Guide: Part II

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 6/2/03 14:27 PST.

Ultimate Mech Team
Runner - Corvus
Pursuers - 2 Pumas
Defender - Prometheus

The main objective of my team is to shut out the other team or, failing that, to keep their score as low as possible, while using the Corvus to achieve a consistent, solid score.

The runner position is fairly self explanitory, run into enemy base, grab flag, return to own base. However, a good runner can also assist in base defense and emergency flag recovery. Null sig, while useful, is not the best defensive measure for a runner. Target jamming is. Null sig is only useful until you grab the flag, and then you might as well have a large target painted on your mech's head. Also, any competent player can spot a null sig'ed mech at least 75% of the time (75% being the average from 100% for Desert Storm and 50% from Midtown Mayhem) and attack it with their weapons that do not require a lock to function.

The Corvus, as Riposte101 has stated, is hands down the best runner in the game. The value of 2x target jamming combined with jumpjets and speed cannot be denied. It also has an autocannon, which has the same knockdown chance as a pair of gauss rifles, and dual pulse lasers, which are useful for infighting and lighting up null sig'ed or target jammed mechs. The only drawback is that it has the lowest armor in the game, but its other strengths more than make up for this deficiency.

The purpose of the Pursuer mech is threefold. Its first, and most important job is to pursue the enemy runners as they return to their base if they slip the defensive kill-zone. The pursuer then destroys them and recovers the flag. The Pursuer's second job is to defend the base as any other defensive mech does. The third task that it must perform is emergency flag support for the runner if they cannot return on their own. In my opinion the Pursuer is the anchor for the team and must be someone who can keep an eye on all of their team's mechs and coordinate a cohesive strategy. The Pursuer directs the defenders to the most dangerous target and must be prepared to continue coordinating even when pursuing enemy runners.

The Puma is perfectly suited to the task of Pursuer. It has a very well-rounded compliment of weapons: A PPC for sheer power in taking down light mechs quickly and defending against the occasional medium to heavy, twin machine guns for lighting up null sig'ed mechs and attacking those with target jamming, and dual crossbows to be used to prevent cloaked mechs from disappearing once you have exposed them.

When you use two Pumas, the enemy runner has almost no chance of returning to their base. It is critical, however that the Puma pilots have the backup of a capable defender to ensure that no backup enemy runner escapes with the flag unmolested while they are returning from flag recovery. As long as damage is done to the backup runnner and the defender communicates by which route the runner is leaving, then the returning Pumas can intercept said runner on its way back to its base.

The Defender position may not be the most glorious position, but it is necessary all the same. The Defender must either destroy incoming mechs before they slip the defensive area or damage them enough that the pursuers are able to finish them off. Speed is not a necessary trait because of the Pursuer mechs.

The Prometheus is the absolute best mech to use for the position of Defender. Its devestating compliment of weaponry can defend any base well. When fully charged up, this mech is an unholy terror. Its dual gauss rifles can pummel mechs from long distance whether they be assaulting the base or fleeing with the flag. The three lasers also can assist in this task. The dual warhammers are perfect for mechs that are null sig'ed to the point where they are unable to be targeted as well as mechs with target jamming. With a Prometheus, no mech can enter a base and escape with the flag unmolested.

Capture the Flag Guide: Part III

--Posted by Ghetto Oracle @ 10/25/03 15:54 PST.

2 Kit Fox: Runner/Defender
1 Belial: Defender
1 Prometheus: Defender

Map: Midtown

The Kit Fox is a speedy mech that can swoop in and take the flag with no problem. If two Kit Foxes go in together they are almost unstoppable. What makes this mech so versatile and amazing is the Warhammer, which can easily be used to defend with. Secondly the Belial is a great Sniper/Chaser. Using its lasers it can easily uncloak a cloaked mech and then chase it down. A weakened mech can easily be destroyed with the Gauss of a speedy Belial on its tail. Having a pair of Gauss Cannons also gives it a sniping advantage. NOTHING is more annoying then a Belial, covered in trees, sniping at you just out of reach. Lastly, the Prometheus can easily kill almost any runner that crosses it's path. Its level three Warhammers can finish a runner in two INDIRECT hits, that's right they don't have to be attached to its back. These Warhammers leave many runners, running in fear. And with two Gauss Cannons the Prometheus can also hit opponents from a distance. The main advantage to this combo is that when you get a good lead in scores you can call back your mech's and play a 100% defensive game and stop the opponents from regaining the lead. That's right if you have a lead after 3 minutes than just call every one back and slaughter every runner that comes in the base. I try to use this strategy every game and usually it works.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 10/25/03 15:54 PST.

I just wanted to begin by thanking Ghetto Oracle for his submission and for sparking a bit more discussion in our MechAssault CTF section. Ghetto Oracleís strategy of pulling everybody back once the team has the lead and playing 100% defense is interesting, however it is my opinion that I would rather continue to build upon a lead rather than sitting back and playing prevention. I agree with his selection of the Prometheus and Belial to serve as defenders, but I would take a pair of Corvusí as runners over the Kit Foxes. As was mentioned above I believe that the Corvus is superior to the Kit Fox in every aspect of the runner position. While the Kit Fox may be a better defender with its armament of the warhammer, the Corvus is grossly underrated as a defender. The Corvusí autocannon has a six percent and twelve percent knockdown respectively at second and third level. If this mech manages to knock you down it is over.

--Posted by Ghetto Oracle @ 10/29/03 19:22 PST.

The reason I choose Kit Foxes over the Corvus's are the advantages that the Kit Fox has over the Prometheus. Don't get me wrong; I love the Corvus but only in situations where I am not up against a Ragnorok, Prometheus or Ymir. Anyone who is good with these Mechs, should be able to really punish a Corvus. Although I have seen Corvus's get past these Mech's, the Kit Fox and it's Cloaking/Firepower make it one of my favorites.