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--Review by KenshiroKing @ 6/24/03 00:16 PST.


Heyos and hoyos, all. I decided this week to tie the video game of the week to our new feature movie of the week. And what better franchise to start us off than the Green One himself. No, not that Green One. Fag.

That’s right, this weeks Game of the Week is Hulk from those guys over at Vivendi. In trying to appeal to the broad variety of gamers out there, we here at LU like to have something for everyone, so despite the fact that this game also came out for the PS2 and Xbox, I decided to review the Gamecube version just to be fair. That, and my local Blockbuster only had copies of the GC version left. I guess no one has a Gamecube in San Diego.

HULK PLOT!!! Hulk basically follows along with the events of the film in that you are Bruce Banner, scientist extraordinaire who also happens to turn into a huge, green monster when he gets pissed off. Apparently, this happens because of some type of accident with Gamma radiation or some shit, the game doesn’t really go into too much detail. You are fighting against “The Leader” some supervillian who wants to unleash a horde of Hulk-like creatures upon the world. Original, I know.

HULK SEE!!! The graphics of this game are impressive. It has a sort of quasi-cell-shaded thing going on that works really well considering this franchise has its roots in a comic book. The Gamecube has always been a close second to the Xbox in terms of graphics so it should come as no surprise that everything was tiptop.

HULK SMASH!!! Overall, the controls of the game are fairly decent. The standard fair of lock on, jump and attack are there, along with a first person view mode. Also present is the old 3d fighting game standby of a grapple than can lead to throwing, head bashing and all that fun stuff. There is also a “Gamma Attack” button that let’s you attack with the big dude’s special powers allowing you to stun enemies and attack large groups at once. Another feature of the game is a rage meter that, once full allows you to perform huge attacks like the room clearing jumping floor smash that you’ve all probably seen

HULK SNEAK!!! You also get to spend some time as plain ol’ Bruce Banner. You can fight using Bruce, but usually he is resigned to sneaking around and trying NOT to get into confrontations. However, the stealth mode of this game is not very impressive and downright pathetic when compared to the other stealth titles out there (Splinter Cell comes to mind).

HULK SUCK!!! Okay, here come the problems with this game. One, REPETITION. Okay, okay this is a flaw with most 3d fighters out there. You’ve beat on one, you’ve beat on them all. The endless stream of generic enemies just keep coming and coming. You’d think that after you’ve seen about 40 or 50 of your fellow soldiers get their heads pounded to jelly by a 1000 pound green monster you’d just give up and go home and have some cookies or something. Not these guys I guess. Dedicated. Two, Implausibility. No, I’m not talking about the huge irradiated super mutants (kinda like the Fallout series now that I think about it), I’m talking about how stupid the missions are. Like the level where you are pursuing the other Hulk through the sewers, the game keeps screaming follow him, but it is almost impossible to complete the level unless you stop and beat on some enemies for health pickups. Three, the dreaded button mashing. I was more successful playing this game when I threw tactics out the window and just starting pounding the buttons in simple 3 hit combos. Fun for the kiddies I guess.

HULK UM, OKAY!!! Overall, Hulk is a fair title. I am personally only marginally enthusiastic about 3d fighters and wasn’t that impressed by this one. If this is your thing, check it out, I’ve played worse.

Score: 5/10

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