August 2003

The Future of Gaming

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 8/30/03 20:09 PST.

There is one drawback to online gaming and that is lag. Nothing pisses me off more than unloading a clip into a ghosting player and then have them warp up behind me and kill me. There is some good news on the horizon though. Broadband is weak. Here is the future.

Xbox Launched New Site

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 8/29/03 14:53 PST.

The new site has just been launched. Now you can link your Xbox Live account to your Passport account and get access from the web to your friend list, stats, set up your own tournaments and more.

Xbox Live 2.0 Subscription Plans Announced

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 8/27/03 15:00 PST.

Check out the plans here. The best news about the new plans is that a copy of MechAssault will be bundled with every new live starter kit! Download all the MechAssault content and then come on Live and get hurt by me.

Video Game Review of the Week 8/27

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 8/27/03 10:29 PST.

China is here, Mr. Burton

Video Game Review of the Week 8/19

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 8/19/03 00:08 PST.

Back on schedule finally, here is this weeks game review.

A little story about the Xbox.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/28/03 12:17 PST.

A couple of weeks ago, I got extremely irritated when my Xbox had yet another disc reading error (a common occurrence in many Xboxs) and my Mechassault froze yet again at the start of a game on Xbox Live. I, being the action oriented type, resorted to the drastic measure of boiling my disc. This process has been endorsed by many people on the message boards and involves bringing a pot of water to boil and floating your disc on the surface of the water for 20 to 30 seconds. When I had first learned about the process I was skeptical, but the problem kept sporadically happening, goading me on to boil the offending disc. I carefully looped a string through the disc several times and lowered it into the pot of already boiling water, counted to 30 seconds and pulled the disc out. A thin plastic film on the disc had cracked and peeled. I took my camera lens cleaning cloth and removed the thin layer and the disc looked brand new. Admiring my work, I placed the labeled side of the disc on a flat surface, namely my countertop, to check if it had warped. It looked fine. Excitedly I put the disc in my Xbox believing that all my troubles had finally come to an end? A tocsin in the form of a grinding noise. The noise coming from my Xbox. Eschewing common sense I let the disc keep spinning and watched the title screen for MA come up and then freeze and kick me out to the disc error screen. I took the disc out and put in my copy of Halo, which also promptly booted me out to the error screen. I ran through my library of games and the same problem came up repeatedly. I believe what had happened was that the disc had a slight unperceivable warp that fucked the Xbox?s DVD lens. That which had been a minor nuisance before suddenly became one much larger. Subsequently, after unsuccessful attempts to remedy the problem with a DVD lens cleaner, I drove out to the store and shelled out another $200 for my second Xbox.

So if you are also have a disc reading problem make sure you exhaust all other options before resorting to disc boiling. Personally I wouldn't try disc boiling again and I would not recommend it to others, but if you were going to disregard my little tale here, I'd advise you to boil it closer to 20 seconds rather than the generous 30 seconds I let it sit for.

Tecmo Dives Into Fashion World

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 7/12/03 10:40 PST.

Well, those wonderful bastards did it again. You all remember the wonderful volleyball sim Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Well, now Tecmo has apparently manufactured some bathing suits based on the ones worn by the beautiful ladies of DOA. All I have to say is: who the hell is gonna buy these things? I mean, almost no girls play that game. Every single comment I have heard from a female regarding this game runs along the lines of "yeah we know why guys buy this game... yuk yuk yuk." It's not like they are fans or anything. I guess either the fanboys are gonna shell out $150.00 to have a collectable they never use, or they are gonna talk their girlfriends (unlikely) into wearing one. Either way, I do not see a large profit to be had. Oh well, at least the models are hot. Thanks to Riposte101 for finding the link.

Diablo II Patch

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/7/03 14:02 PST.

Download the Diablo II 1.10 beta patch here. A special beta test has been set up for the new patch because of the "magnitude" of changes. The patch is in beta and will not require you to sign up to participate. Just download and install. A word of warning, the new beta will only be available for single-player mode and TCP/IP multiplayer and if installed, it will restrict your access to

Hackers Play With Fire

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 7/4/03 11:41 PST.

Well it looks like some hackers are trying to commit suicide. You may have heard of the group that was trying to blackmail Microsoft into releasing a signed boot loader for Linux on the Xbox. Well as previously they claimed they could load linux onto the Xbox with the only hardware change being some solder on the motherboard, now they claim they can do it with no hardware modifications at all. The complete story is here. All I have to say to this group, "Free-X", is this: good luck guys, you have awakened the sleeping giant.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/4/03 13:36 PST.

The Official statement from Free-X regarding exploits.

Below is an excerpt from another article on the situation.

We're not sure what definition of "blackmail" Free-X are using, but in general blackmailing a person or company does indeed involve making contact with them - usually with a list of demands which you want fulfilled in return for not releasing certain sensitive information. Which is exactly what Free-X did in this situation - so whether they like the tag or not, what the group was engaged in was most certainly blackmail.