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--Posted by Riposte101 @ 11/06/03 23:07 PST.

Here is the Xbox forum discussion where I defend Halo against some attacks by NunyaBitnez of Band of Gamers.


It is funny to me how everyone believes Halo2 will be a great game on LIVE. It is kinda like watching everyone fall in love with JLo just cuz everyone around says she is the one.

Halo2 will be an good game, I am sure, but I doubt it will be the best FPS at the time. Aside from being real shiny the first one was not really that great of a FPS mulitplayer game when you weigh it against games like Half_life, Quake, Unreal PC, etc;

MA will always be around because it is not PC port and it has a good following because it is unique.

Competitive MA has been waining for a couple of months now. Everyday you see someone posting about wanting a match with anybody. In the first six months clans actually went and challenged other clans, they didn't have to post about "who wants a match tonight"?

XBox Clan Wars has done the most for keeping MA alive IMO.


Nunya, Halo is the greatest FPS ever created. Nothing else is remotely close to how good that game is. Perfect controls, epic score, great story...well it has it all. I split my time between MA and Halo on XBC. If Halo was on live I wouldn't play anything else and I know that would hold true for a lot of other MA players out there. There's a reason why everybody reveres Halo and that's because it is fucking amazing. Halo 2 looks like it will be also, borrowing a quote from Jason Jones, the head of Bungie Studios, "Halo 2 is a lot like Halo, only it's Halo on fire, going 130 miles per hour through a hospital zone, being chased by helicopters and ninjas, and the ninjas are all on fire, too."

Half-life 2 is going to be it's only major competition. And if you've seen the demo from E3, it has an amazing engine, but the game just isn't as polished.


"Nunya, Halo is the greatest FPS ever created."

I have said before and I'll say it again. Halo was a good Half-Life knock off that came out 5 years after HL.

Half-Life will be the best FPS until something can live 5 years, spawn a MOD that 10 million people still play and everyone on LIVE will play in December.....CounterStrike.

I don't dislike Halo but I still feel like I was burned outta $50 buying it because it was overly simplistic, required no thought to run through extremely quickly and had so so multi-player game types that everyone glitched in the first month.

I wouldn't dare ever say this was the best FPS ever. Wolf on PC, HL DeathMatch and CS, Quake 3, Unreal PC are all better games than Halo. Halo is really shiny and detailed..I will give it that but shiny has nothing to do with actual gameplay.

But that is just my opinion.

heady nugs

nunya, you must have never had anyone to play LAN games with.

i'm not a fanboy, but halo was f!@#in' ridiculous! i'll grant you half-life was more revolutionary in terms of graphical and gameplay innovation, but halo is damned near perfect. there aren't any glitches that i'm aware of that substantially unbalance gameplay. most of the glitches just add even more replay value (e.g., getting up on the ridge in blood gultch). a few of the multiplayer boards were weak, and a few of the single player boards were repetitive, but you're honestly telling me that unreal, wolf, etc. gave you moments like the first time you played assault on the control room!? or the first time you got into a banshee on two betrayals!? or the ability to leave you breathless hours upon hours in multiplayer!? none of those games excelled in single player and multiplayer modes the way halo did (MODs don't count as they weren't there when the game was released).

no FPS has done grenades as intuitively as halo, no FPS has ever been so simple to pick up and difficult to master (making everyone a fan) - with the exception of perhaps goldeneye, and no FPS prior has had such seamless incorporation of vehicles. no FPS aliens have ever had so much personality (i still love watching those little guys run and scream) , and no FPSs have ever allowed me to suspend my disbelief enough to believe shooting someone 10 times with an assault rifle won't kill them - i'm sorry, but a piece of body armor will not allow a normal human to run around like he's superman. bullets move very fast, and that kinetic energy has to translate in to some other form when it hits, i.e. you would get knocked on your @ss even with precious body armor, unless of course you're a pimp like master chief. most FPSs rely on elaborate arsenals to keep you happy. halo did it right: limited selection, and you could only carry 2 at a time - always found it difficult to believe that someone could carry a crate worth of ammunition by shoving it apparently up their @ss. the only vehicles you got to ride in HL were scripted if memory serves me correct. and i almost never used grenades in other games because they always made you go to your inventory. L trigger ... holler. name me one game where aiming was done as perfectly as halo. wolfenstein is a much bigger knock off of HL than halo - can we say team fortress!?

halo is without a doubt, the best console FPS. i might give HL the best of all time overall, with halo being a close second, but those other PC games don't even come close.



I agree it's the best console FPS I have seen...goldeneye is pretty close. but you can snipe from the sky in the middle of the map on several maps and that kinda makes it blow. It's like the hack freeze in RTCW or the headshot cheat back in the day in HL...I had to walk squatted down to combat that for like a month til punkbuster came out.

All I am saying is that most people just say how it great it is cuz that is what everyone else is saying. Kinda like Limp Bizkit going platinum again when they pretty much blow without Wes...ya know.


Nunya, your post is inaccurate and dumb. I will now tell you why.
First point, inaccurate:
Halo released on November 9th 2001.
Half-Life release date summer 1998.
That is not 5 years. That is a little over 3 years.

Second point, dumb:
You bring up some numbers also.

If you want to compare numbersÖHalo has sold over 3 million copies (at $50 a piece) on a hardware base of just over 9 million Xboxes. How many PCs are out there? CounterStrike may have 10 million users out there, but it is a FREE game and the majority of users are from Asia, mainly South Korea (a hugely PC nation), where they cannot afford or choose not to buy Xboxes because of Sony propaganda.

Sure CS uses the same engine as Half-Life that doesnít make Half-Life great. Why donít we just pull up and compare the number of copies the dozens of games that the Unreal or Infinity engine has produced? Your points make no sense. Your Chewbacca defense wonít work here.

Your calling Halo overly simplistic is like a person who has just picked up MechAssault saying that it is overly simplistic because all the weapons auto track. You mistake ease of game play for simplicity. Iíve been playing Halo since it came out online on GameSpy and XBConnect and I kick ass at it, but I am still learning new tricks to the game even after all this time. The intricacies inherent in the game are there; they are just not obvious to the casual player.

Hell, I also have fond memories of Half-Life, I just played it again recently and had a decent time with it. But by no means is it Halo.

It cannot be denied that Haloís controls set the standard for FPS controls on the console. Epic story, awesome badass character (Master Chief), shields, weapons galore, mutha-fucking vehicles, graphics that have yet to be equaled, let's not forget the music and good enemy AI (artificial intelligence for you Cabooses out there).

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