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--Review by KenshiroKing @ 6/10/03 7:22 PST.

Brute Force

I recently invested some time in playing Digital Anvil's newest offering: Brute Force. The game plays out in a futuristic setting where you assume the roles of an elite team of mercenaries. You fight against an evil cult leader and his massive hordes using four different team members, all with special skills.

The first member of your team is Tex, a generic Duke Nukem/B.J. Blaskowicz kinda guy who specializes in assault. He has the unique ability to dual wield weapons for a short time and to disarm and plant explosives. The second member of you team is a large, alien lizard by who goes by the oh-so creative name Brutus. As you can imagine he is large and in charge and has the ability to be infused with the power of his god, Vengar. When so infused, he regenerates health, gains the ability to see enemies as glowing heat signatures, becomes more resilient and can kill foes by merely running into them. The third member of this motley crew (not Crue) is a stealth specialist named Hawk. She can turn invisible, sneak up on enemies and dispatch them with a silent energy blade. She also has advanced computer skills. The final member of your team is a synthetic (a la Alien) who goes by the moniker of Flint (Hawk and Flint? Where's Duke?). This robotic girly is the sniper of your team and her special power allows her to have a hard target lock on any enemy in front of her, even when running. She can also survive without air, display the current health of enemy units and zoom farther with a sniper rifle than the other members of your team.

Graphically, this game is a huge dissapointment. With the current level of graphics that the Xbox is capable of, a game should at least have decent visuals. The backgrounds and characters are all generic down to a laughable level. The partical effects are similarly lacking and the colors are muted and bland.

Gameplay wise, Brute Force is nothing special. A simple Halo-esque setup that is intuitive and easy to grasp, yet has nothing exceptional about it at all. The multiplayer support for this game is pretty standard as well, with a deathmatch and team DM that supports up to four people on one Xbox and can be expanded to up to eight players with as many as four Xboxes. There is also a co-op mode with a three player max, which is one of this game's only saving graces. However, Brute Force lacks Xbox live support, which is completely unacceptable. The ability to connect to Xbox live should be standard on all Xbox games with a multiplayer mode.

The audio effects keep with the theme of the game, in that they are completely mediocre. Unemotional, generic voice acting for the already cliche characters rounds out this game into a nice, boring title. I cannot stress enough how unoriginal Brute Force is.

All in all, this game is only for the most die hard of the shooter crowd. Brute Force is merely another clone in a long string of unexceptional shooters. Under no circumstances should you purchase this game, and I would suggest renting it only if you love shooters to the point of lunacy, and need more fuel for your obsessive appetite.

Score: 4 out of 10

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 6/10/03 07:28 PST.

I found the title quite enjoyable, granted I only had limited time playing the game and this time was dwarfed by KenshiroKing's. Based solely on the cooperative play I would still give the game a 7 out of 10.

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