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Game Designer Quotes

ARC Mechanized Warfare is a genre defining game that will blend the fast-paced action of a first person shooter with great customization options, and an open-ended gameplay.


ARC Mechanized Warfare Design Document

This document was written a few years ago when I was still heavily playing MechAssault. I have always been a fan of giant robot games and set out to write a game design document to a bigger and better giant robot game. (Click here to download .doc document)

ARC Data Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet laid out the differences in the large selection of customizable weapons and equipment available for the ARC Tank (robot). (Click here to download .xls document)

ARC Introduction Screenplay Document

I wrote this screenplay to detail out the introductory sequence to the game.
(Click here to download .doc document)

ARC Introduction Storyboard

I worked with an artist to create the storyboard for the above screenplay.
(Click here to download .pdf document)

ARC Wireframe Bitmap

This is an example of an ARC Tank (robot) created in Lightwave.

(image will open in a new window)
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