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Bourne Conspiracy is a third-Person Action Game for PS3 and Xbox360
(Shipped June 3, 2008).


Bourne Conspiracy Hand-to-hand Combat 01 Trailer

This MOV file is a trailer that shows off some of the Bourne Consipiracy’s shooting and hand-to-hand combat. On this title, I worked with Jeff Imada (the choreographer of the Bourne movies) to design and implement the hand-to-hand combat systems. This included working closely with programmers on how the camera behaved in indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as the moves sets and difficulty of the AI. In addition, I designed and built single-player levels.



Bourne Conspiracy Hand-to-hand Combat 02 Trailer

This MOV file shows off more of the shooting and hand-to-hand combat of the Bourne Conspiracy game. The hand-to-hand combat consists of two buttons for attacks that prompt Jason Bourne to perform a heavy or light attack. The attack that comes out depends on the range the player is from his opponent. By hitting and being hit Bourne generates adrenaline that allows him to perform cinematic “take-down” moves. An additional button is allocated for blocking. While holding down the block button Bourne will realistically deflect incoming blows with the appropriate slip, dodge, duck or parry depending on the attack thrown at him.



Paris Park, Street and Subway Level Flythrough Video

This WMV was created using Unreal 3’s Matinee. It showcases a few early test levels that were streamed together using a Kismet streaming setup. Low-res geometry was created entirely in Unreal 3 Editor using BSPs and static mesh props. Recently we switched away from using Unreal 3 to create low-res level layouts and are now creating these assets using 3D Studio Max.



Paris Street Level Layout

This JPG image is just a top down shot of the map with some early test gameplay thrown in. (image will open in a new window)


Paris Street Level Unreal 3 Editor Screen Shot

This JPG image shows a few views of the level through Unreal 3 Editor’s viewports. The Matinee tool is on the right.
(image will open in a new window)


Paris Park Level Unreal 3 Editor Screen Shot

A few more angles of the Park Level as shown through Unreal 3 Editor’s viewports. (image will open in a new window)


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