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This is the tutorial mission of the game. I was the sole level designer on the level. I wrote the initial concept, built out the low-res version of the level in our proprietary level editor, set up the streaming, optimized the level and scripted all the events and interactions. I also worked closely with programmers to create the technology needed to bring the level online and with the art director and level artists to arrive at the final look of the level.

This is the first write up I made for the tutorial mission of Fracture. The mission inevitably evolved through numerous focus tests and the inevitable changes that come with translating a paper design to an actual 3D game. (Click here to download pdf document)


These videos show how the level eventually shipped.






Dropship Mission

This is the first level that we built for Fracture and served as the gameplay mission vertical slice that represented the target for subsequent levels. I worked with the lead designer on the concept and objectives for the level. I then led the team placed in charge of implementing the level. In addition, I worked closely with programmers and animators to build and design AI from the ground up to take advantage of the terrain deformation technology.


San Francisco Tunnels

This mission was the second mission worked on in the game. I was the sole level designer on the level and I worked with a level artist and a concept artist for the top down map. We had minimal programming support. I built the low-res geometry and scripted all the encounters and streaming for the level. The level was built in three weeks from start to Alpha.


DC Beams

This is a level I inherited and given the task of redoing the scripting and polishing up the gameplay. The premise of the level is to remove obstacles or reflect the beam off of objects in order to reconnect the energy beam. The player went from room to room as the difficulty of the puzzles ramped up. I oversaw the level and brought it to a shippable state.


DC Dread

I built the last level of the game from the ground up under the very tight schedule of five days. The part that made this level really difficult was that my level artist was on leave for his first child. I cannibalized all the finished geometry from other levels and built and scripted all the encounters of the level to a nearly complete state. After the level artist returned, he took over the task of polishing the art. Although I continued to oversee the level to ensure the polished art would not break the gameplay, the bulk of my time from then on went into balancing the multiplayer with the remaining time left on the project. Despite the unreasonable schedule and lack of resources, this became my favorite level in the game.


This series of screens shots are of the last level in Fracture.
The level was put together entirely through modular pieces.

This is the first area that the player must battle through. Notice the final goal of the Dreadnought framed in the background. The player arrives upon friendly units engaged in cross street fighting. The friendly units have taken cover behind the wrecked cars lining the streets, while the Pacifican forces are doing the same across the street and they have also holed up in the cover provided by the ruined building. After defeating successive waves of enemies here the path is opened up when a truck crashes through the wall introducing additional Pacificans and showing the player the way out.

This screen shows the final result of a collapsed building that formed a tunnel. The tunnel frames the player’s goal of the crashed Alliance dropship.

This picture is of the environment where the player must storm the foot of the Dreadnought.

This scenario was designed to encourage sniper gameplay. The player is presented with an overwhelming entrenched force and is given cover in the building and a sniper rifle to work with.

This is a screen shot of the location of the dropship. When the player arrives on the scene he will see that the survivors are fending off enemy Pacfican forces holed up in the building on the left side of the picture.


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