Broke Ass Games

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 8/24/03 18:19 PST.

Goddamn it. I just finished shelling out 50 odd bucks for Planetside and the goddamn thing doesn't install properly. Now, maybe I'm just a little old fashioned, but remember when games actually worked? Nowadays there are entire sites devoted to the bugs and problems associated with games. Whatever happend to the novel idea of actually being able to play the game you have just paid good money for. To some people, it's not even a big deal anymore. They just nonchalantly say "oh, it's (insert company name here, Sony Online Entertainment comes to mind), their stuff is always messed up," and then they just go on about their business waiting for a patch or a fix from the company. To make matters worse, it's not as if the game companies actaully apologize for their shortcomings. There response is always "there appears to be a problem at (certain point in game) if you have this problem, send us the disk and we'll send you a new one." No apology, no money refunding. You think if this shit happened at a restaurant it would go down the same way? "Oh, your soup made my shit turn green and trickle down my leg." Response:"Yes, our soup has been known to do that. Why don't you come on in, and we'll give a different batch of the same soup? People would crucify the eatery. Except, even in that example, you are getting something for free: more soup. In video games, all you're getting is a new piece of plastic, if even that. In other product circles, if you repeatedly turn out broken merchandise, your company's name recognition suffers, and less people buy your products. In the videogame industry, complacence has taken the place of outrage, and I, for one, am fucking pissed off about it.

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 8/27 11:40 PST.

Follow up:

Hmm... I hate when this happens. I had a perfectly good reason to hate those fucks over at Sony Online Entertainment then they go and apologize in letter format and straight GIVE me copies of the Everquest trilogy and Shadows of Luclin. That's a 60 odd dollar value right there. Now, granted, it's basically like your drug dealer giving you some heroin in apology for giving you some fucked up weed, but it still feels good to get my damn apology.