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September 30, 2005

Tony Huynh's Resume

Performance Review
Performance Review

Unreal 3 Engine Levels for Unannounced Xbox 360/PS3 Console Title
Paris Street Level Layout JPEG
Paris Park Level Unreal 3 Editor Screen Shot JPEG
Paris Street Level Unreal 3 Editor Screen Shot JPEG
Paris Park, Street and Subway Level Flythroughs WMV Video

Darkwatch Levels
Morning After Maya Level and Geppetto Minimatic (In-Game Cinematic) Tool Screen Shot
Morning After Level Playthrough WMV Video
Daylight Prism Level Playthrough WMV Video

Darkwatch In-Game Cinematics
Lazarus Feed Event LUA Script
Lazarus Asset List and Artist Storyboard
Lazarus Feed Good WMV Video
Lazarus Feed Evil WMV Video
BaptismFeed WMV Video
CassidyFeed WMV Video
CassidyReaper WMV Video
DW_Wartrain WMV Video
LazarusDeath WMV Video
PrisonerMinimatic WMV Video
TalaKick WMV Video
TalaSacrifice WMV Video
TownieMinimatic WMV Video

Unreal 2.5 Engine Level
Technical Demonstration Level

Game Design Proposal
ARC Mechanized Warfare Design Document
ARC Data Spreadsheet
ARC Introduction Screenplay Document
ARC Introduction Storyboard
ARC Wireframe A Bitmap
ARC Wireframe B Bitmap

MechAssault Analysis
MechAssault Analysis

Guilty Gear Isuka Trailer WMV Video
Lifted DIVX Video
Everquest Documentary DIVX Video
Tripod DIVX Video