Shuttle Columbia

Much dust has settled on the website since last I updated it. I'm sure that the one or two people that have visited it have missed me. Given my propensity towards malversation, I was whiling away the hours on AIM at work and this discussion came about as a result of the recent space shuttle Columbia tragedy.

Riposte101: yos to the yos
SteveG157: hey
Riposte101: what's the word on the street g?
SteveG157: nada mucho
Riposte101: what are your thoughts on that columbia shuttle thing?
SteveG157: shitty
SteveG157: what are your thoughts on the columbia shuttle thing?
Riposte101: our space program needed a kick in the pants
Riposte101: shitty as it was
Riposte101: it was kinda necessary
SteveG157: I see
Riposte101: our space program has no goals
Riposte101: was underfunded
Riposte101: and wasn't doing much of anything
Riposte101: I think we need to decentralize it from nasa
Riposte101: and make it a corporate thing
Riposte101: I think that our new goal should be to put a human on mars
SteveG157: it already is
Riposte101: something that will capture the imagination of the population
SteveG157: "U.S. national space policy calls for expanding human presence and activity beyond Earth orbit into the solar system. To fulfill that policy, the Space Exploration Initiative includes plans to land men and women on Mars. President Bush set a goal for such a landing for the year 2019, but humans may reach Mars much earlier."
Riposte101: too little funding to do any of that
Riposte101: we should just give space to the corps
Riposte101: and not have a single entity control it
Riposte101: while its done a great job
SteveG157: so, who controls it then?
Riposte101: competition and corporations I think are the way to go
Riposte101: the invisible hand controls it
Riposte101: my thoughts are pretty radical so it probably won't happen
SteveG157: ya
Riposte101: but I still think it is the way to go
Riposte101: if we want to see progress in space
Riposte101: as is our space program kinda languishes in limbo with very little progress in my eyes
Riposte101: because it is at the whim of budget contraints
SteveG157: that would still be the case, even in the hands of corps
SteveG157: it wouldnt be profitable yet
Riposte101: but there would also be the prospect of profitability
SteveG157: only the government is willing to waste that kind of cash :)
Riposte101: I think that if you made a little shuttle service that got billionaires into space that would pay off pretty quick
End of SteveG157 buffer: Mon Feb 03 12:43:42 2003