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--Posted by Terralor @ 8/05/03 17:04 PST.

Yo. This is the music section or something. My handle here is Terralor. You should be jealous because I get to write here and you don't. I also provide some of those links you waste your time looking at.

As for music, I pretty much listen to all forms of rock and some electronica (progressive house, trance). I don't listen to rap, country or hip-hop. So, if you came here looking for a review on a rap, country, or hip-hop album, pretend it says this:

<Insert rap, country, hip-hop album name here>

Review by Terralor.

It sucks.

Maybe somebody else at limitlessunits will write more in depth reviews on these (and why they suck) from time to time.

This is my kick-ass stereo:
This is my wacky CD collection:

And now let's get to the music.

Current Music Review

--Posted by Terralor @ 8/5/03 17:04 PST.

Metallica: St. Anger