September 2003


TV Update

--Posted by Crimson Wake @ 9/27/03 09:23 PST.

Wacky World of Sports: Curling

When the Clock Strikes Page 5

--Posted by The Professional Ass Kicker @ 9/27/03 09:23 PST.

Page 5 of LU's exclusive twisted version of Cinderella is ready for viewing.

New MechAssault Layout

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/23/03 21:54 PST.

Our section devoted to Xbox Live's current greatest shooter MechAssault got revamped. Included as a bonus are videos of me doing tricks and proving some points in the new MechAssault video section.

Also, check out my new in depth strategy guide to the River City map.

Answer Men: Update

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/22/03 21:54 PST.

LU advice on handling the ladies.


--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/17/03 21:54 PST.

The greatest of man's inventions.

The Return of the Music Review

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/16/03 15:01 PST.

Queens? Weren't they from the 70's?

The Answer Men: We're Back

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/15/03 11:19 PST.

This time with herpies cream and softcore porno DVDs.

Kicker's Corner

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/14/03 16:26 PST.

Here is a teaser for Kicker's upcoming project. Bring on the hate mail.

The Answer Men: Updated

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/13/03 18:01 PST.

"Wrestling is 110% real."

Film Review of the Week

--Posted by The Professional Ass Kicker @ 9/12/03 20:44 PST.

Disney was racist.

When the Clock Strikes Page 4

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/11/03 22:34 PST.

Page four of the Professional Ass Kicker's illustrated When the Clock Strikes is now up for your viewing pleasure.

In Rememberance

--Posted by Kenshiroking @ 9/11/03 10:00 PST.

Since today is the 2nd anniversary of 9/11 I thought a rant was appropriate.

When the Clock Strikes

--Posted by The Professional Ass Kicker @ 9/9/03 18:15 PST.

There's a new cover page to When the Clock Strikes.

The Answer Men: Revisited

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/9/03 14:09 PST.

The answer men are at it again bringing light back into the world one moron at a time.

The Answer Men

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/5/03 08:58 PST.

The Answer Men is a new section where we field your ignorant questions. One of our panel of experts will enlighten you with our limitless units of useless knowledge. So start sending your questions our way.

Video Game Review of the Week 9/04

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/4/03 20:06 PST.

KenshiroKing's new website should be called

Art Section Update

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/4/03 16:30 PST.

New words have been handed down to us by The Professional Ass Kicker.


--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/2/03 10:17 PST.

Our MA section just got a huge update. Read my ideas for general fixes to the game and my proposals for new features for MechAssault 2.