Queens of the Stone Age: Songs for the Deaf

--Review by Terralor @ 9/16/03 14:24 PST.

Some of you might ask why somebody would review an album that came out over a year ago. LimitlessUnits.com reviews worthy movies and books from any time, so why not music? You don’t know us man…. We’re crazy like that…. What? WHAT?… That’s what I thought.

The real reason for this review is that I wish I’d been able to post a review of this album somewhere, anywhere, when it did come out. It is that good. I first heard these guys at in concert here in San Diego, before this album came out, and I thought they were great. When this album came out, I thought it was amazing and listened to it constantly. I almost don’t know what to write to convey how good it is.

The first track (which has a long ass name) is pretty close to the perfect opening to a rock CD. It just begs to be blasted on the stereo as you’re driving out to a club or bar or party to get you all fired up. Then, on the way to another club/bar/party, say you get to track 9, “Go With the Flow”, and you go absolutely nuts. Especially if you’re a little high or buzzed (not that you should ever drive like that, but let’s say you had to, like somebody had a remote control that would annihilate the universe if you didn’t), then this CD would be even better.

These guys show their talent on instrumentals throughout the album, even when they slow it down a notch (e.g. “Mosquito Song”). Destined to be a trivia question someday, Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters guest stars on drums for this album, and kicks ass on it. The songwriting is more complex than average without being too much for the masses. The vocals are good on most of the album and great on the rest of it. Really, there are no bad tracks on here, but a couple others that spring to mind and especially good are “Do it Again”, “Another Love Song”, and “No One Knows”.


If anybody says, “’No One Knows’ (or any other song) gets played on the radio so much that I’m tired of it and it sucks,” then KenshiroKing will come to your house and beat you so bad your kids will hurt (or he’ll laugh so hard that beer may come out of his nose… either way it’ll be entertaining). Buy a fucking CD PLAYER and some CDs. You whine about what’s on the radio, and then you support it by LISTENING TO IT SO MUCH THAT YOU GET SICK OF WHAT YOU HEAR.

Is there anything bad about this CD? Not really. I mean, there are little intros to the songs that mock radio DJs, some of which are funny, but some are lame. And, I guess some of the tracks around the middle are not as good as some of the ones around them, but that’s kind of splitting hairs. It’s like when you argue with people about whether Christina is hotter than Britney, and somebody says “Well, Britney is kind of chubby,” and somebody else says “Well Christina wears too much makeup.” When really, if either of them even gave you the time of day, you’d be so stupified you’d just stand there and gurgle like a retard. Then maybe they’d do a benefit concert for you. That would be kind of cool too, but the point is… the point is… err… oh yeah, music. This CD is so good you should buy it!

Rating: 4.5 / 5