Metallica: St. Anger

--Review by Terralor @ 8/5/03 17:04 PST.

The Good

The guys still got their chops. St. Anger shows they can still rock hard in their old age. The album is very rhythm driven, thick with bass and drums. Its got a sort of raw sound to it, as if it wasnít very well produced (of course, a lot of production effort actually went into making it sound like thisÖ more on that later).

The Bad

Too many tracks on St. Anger donít have coherent musical themes that keep the track going. The sudden changes in flow are somewhat distracting. Some of these sound like the track was not originally written as it plays and was pieced together, poorly, in editing. The ball was dropped here, through either ignorance or indifferenceÖ and Iím not sure which thought is worse.

The Ugly

I donít know the technical explanation for the way they produced this album to create the sound it has, but it is somewhat strange, and some people will not like it. The vocals sound muffled, the lead guitar is dull, the snare drum has a ring to it, and bass is smeared. Once again, this was done intentionally by the band and creates its raw sound , but it is a sound that takes getting used to.

My least favorite aspect of the CD is actually its packaging. It comes with a CD and DVD, in one of those cardboard-ish folding cases. One third of it has the normal CD-button-thing that holds your CD in place. This contains the DVD. Another third of it has a sleeve that contains the CD! This is horrible for CDs, and the first copy I bought was scratched badly enough that I had to go exchange it for another. I hope the band somehow reads this, just so they can fire whoever made that decision.


Some people (I wont name names) were disappointed because this album was billed has a harkening back to the old days of Metallica, so they were expecting something like Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning. Well, this album is definitely not that. Actually, itís the beginning of a new phase Iíd say, because itís not like Black, Load, or Reload either. Metallica fans of any era should at least check it out for themselves before giving up on it.

A below average Metallica album is still better than most stuff out there.

Rating: 3.5 / 5