The Baron Has Arrived...

December 22, 2003

--Posted by the Baron Von JeR @ 23:40 PST.

Howdy to you folks that are not out enjoying that radioactive sun of ours, this is the Baron Von JeR, newly recruited onboard this pirate ship called!

I look forward to giving somewhat-in-depth reviews, rants, vices, and praises-galore to about almost anything you can hear out there-- even reviewing a coin dropping on a tile floor. But I'll save those goodies for later; the first Music Review was a long hard process. But here goes:


" In February of 2000, the people at Vagrant/HeroesVillains record label in Santa Monica, CA received a box of unmarked audiotapes. Two newly joined staff members stumbled upon the boxes early one Saturday morning on their way in to the head office. Within those boxes they found the story of a man and his music."

There are times when one person's head has so many faces that when you try to express yourself, it seems like it comes out in 5 different ways. Stemming from that noggin of "emo"-heroes, The Get Up Kids' keyboard player James Dewees, the magic that is called Reggie brings silly-brit New Wave, honest Pop-Punk, driving HardCore (rawk), booty-grabbing-and-shaking Electronica, and heartfelt Moog-powered Emo in one of THE most eclectic packages known to this side of Czechoslovakia. For Serious.

A most loved Reggie album tradition is little skits of audio of encountering drunken homeless/druggies at rawkshows, rejoicing in the fare of Happy Chickens ("c'mon!"), and the seriousness of Finnish friendship takeovers. Example:

" You are not My Friend.
You are very small.
You cannot stand up to me...
You cannot play Basket Ball
.....This is DWARF INVASION !!! " (track 14 "Dwarf Invasion" )

Considering this music is all by one man (don't tell that to The Full Effect!), Dewees,, "Reggie" never fails its making your haggard ass shake, be it HardCore moshing, head bouncing (track 5 "doot doot pause doot doot"), ferocious 80's electroluxe (track 11 "Gloves" featuring Dewees' other alter ego, Fluxuation), or even steppin' forth and back to Country line-dancing meets HappyHardcore rave music (a Must-Hear, Track 9, "Boot to the Moon Wade and Wayne Jentry Band").

Although this CD came out in 2000, it was far ahead, behind, and prevalent to its time. Hell, he managed to stick HipHop into Punkrock, Drumm&Bass into HardCore, and synthPop into Emo. Personal Favorite tracks include "Congratulations Matt and Christine", a reclusive look at all that could've been in a relationship, carried on by quirky piano melodies; and "Relive The Magic.. Bring The Magic Home", the one that all the girlies love to put their mouths on, unlike most other things far beyond the comprehension of this review.

All in all, this is an album that you can put in your car and not have to worry about catering to your passenger's taste, 'cause it's all there. And as goofy as a Dwarf Invasion may seem, there's something very honest in Reggie's music. If Ludacris had something to say about this album, it would be "drop shit like birds". It's Dope. And if you take life way too seriously, get that tree branch out of your ass and give ANY Reggie and The Full Effect album a listen. (Don't be fooled by its' title "Promotional Copy". the first album is called "Greatest Hits '84-'87" and his latest effort is aptly called "under The Tray", where the CD appears to be missing upon first opening, that is unless you check Under The Tray. "GudLook'n")

Album rating: 4 1/2 of 5. The equivalent of "this-is-good-shit-man!"

See you Infinite Men (Limitless Units) later!