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June 16, 2004

Links of the Day

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 12:37 PST.

We've got a HUGE update for you this go around. Loads of links of the day and as promised with our new 2 gig webspace some new videos made by myself and some of the Limitless Units crew.

There's something about Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons that keep me watching. Bit Torrent.

XNA is the future. Microsoft .Net is the future. This is the stuff that makes me the Microsoft fanboy that I am. These guys are geniuses.

Some anime style artwork. Warning: Some adult oriented stuff.

Various neat vids.

Money Karaoke.

This guy drives like me.

Translated manga ready for download.

A Japanese top ten news summary page that I visit every so often.

Guilty Spark being made by NASA.

ConTEXT is my text editor of choice. If you do any scripting at all this is extremely flexible and powerful.

This guy's 3d art is pretty cool.

A very disturbing article on the "Nevada" sweater wearing 11 year old Japanese murderer "the sixth grade suspect in juvenile detention told them that she led 12-year-old Satomi Mitarai to an empty classroom during their lunch hour Tuesday, slit her neck and arms with a box-cutter, and left her to bleed to death."

Here's some pictures of the Nevada girl that I found. Who hooks ya up?





Buy your own Nevada sweater!

Haha I love the internet.

Emule is the p2p portal I've been using as of late. It's a very healthy trading environment and most importantly it's free of spyware.

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock writes "Machinima.com have just released the DVD version of Killer Robot, award-winning filmmaker Peter Rasmussen's buddy movie about two mining robots who set out to protect their "meat-sack" masters from a master mining robot gone insane. The twist here is not only that it's Machinima, made in 3D Game Studio, but that even the actor's voices are computer-generated using programs like Festival, making this possibly the world's first all-artificial movie."

Really I don't know what to say about SaveSega.com. Oh yea I do, it's fucking hilarious because it is so retarded.

From here on out the rest of these LotDs are submitted by KenshiroKing.

Check out the videos section, good music AND good flash.

An excellent resource for finding those old video game tunes you know and love.

This shit makes my head hurt.


I played this game for hours. Remember the BMX section of California games? Kinda like that.

Extra points if you can figure out how many of these accents come from third world countries. Like Mexico.

Ahhh, the wonderful joys of instant messages.

Apparently, Riposte could, at one point in time, do better than the Ninja Gaiden run. But that guy is full of lies. Full.

And I thought *I* got bored in class a lot.

This is what happens when you give drug users access to flash.

Fun game involving my favorite passtime. Cheating in school.

Redrum, REDRUM!

Not sure to say about his one... It strikes me somewhere between nostalgia and comedy. Shrug.

That's my governor.

I need these stickers like Iragi prisoners need Vaseline.

This is one of the most interesting stories I've ever come across on the internet. Long, but rewarding.

Maybe I'm a sicko... actually I'm definitely a sicko... but some of these choices don't seem so bad.

Highlights include Bronco and The Family Guy's "Cleveland Steamer."

Continuing our trend of Transformers themed LoTDs.

I thought I was the only one that this happened to in the morning...

That jes about cleaned me out, homey.

Past Links of the Day.

June 02, 2004

Links of the Day

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 23:51 PST.

Starting this month our Current News section will include our Past Links of the Day and New Links of the Day and will no longer overwrite the Links of the Day section. You will find that the archive sections for both the News and the LotDs are not changed. This means that the News Archives will contain only the news and the LotDs archive only LotDs, but the main page will no longer separate the two into separate sections.

First off is some Nintendo news with an interview with Nintendo's head exec Satoru Iwata. Here are some choice bits from the article.
"While holding its own in the cut-throat global video games market, Nintendo's GameCube console is running a very poor third Down Under, behind Xbox and PS2. Iwata wants to know why." Speaking about his competition: "They seem to believe that their machine can sell only if they can add to the functionality . . . it can do this and it can do that." "One million Xbox Live subscribers? We don't say that is successful. If it were a console, that's a total failure."

There are some sad people out there. Sad people that play video games. Make sure you download the videos.

A Half-Life 2 themed computer. Some people have way too much time on their hands and to those people I salute you.

Order a Prius catalog and receive a free Gran Turismo 4 demo disc. Yes the very same demo disc that was not supposed to be released in the US and that costs $25 in Japan.

Even if you do believe in Michael Moore's views...his "journalistic practices" and I use the term lightly are extremely questionable.

2 GPUs? This is nuts.

Damn, Cosplay is popular.

I never would have believed a PS2 was capable of this if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

A very Candid interview with J Allard of Microsoft. XNA is the future. I can see it now. Redmond is the future and it will show the rest of us the way. Like Moses if you will.

Can Star Wars be saved? Drastic steps need to be taken.

Bill Cosby runs mouth.

Smashworld's Hotinherre video.

About 900 videogame, anime, and manga wallpapers.

Ah, the wonderful world of Xbox Live.

This guy's artwork is pretty neat.

The EZboard of Matthew Woodring Stover, the author of Heroes Die. He's one of my favorite writers. I'm eagerly awaiting Caine Black Knife coming late this year or early next year. Knowing Stover though it'll be closer to summer '05. Damn it I just read question number 17 in this interview "you might see CBK [Cain Black Knife] in 2005, and you might not."

This review of the novel Heroes Die very accurately describes what the novel is and does.

Here's an interview with the Stover. I saw him in person last year at the San Diego Comic Convention and let me tell you this guy does not look like a writer. It was laughable to see him next to Bob Salvatore.

Halo 2 3D screen.

Two Alexander movies coming out this year. Alexander movie one is witColin Farh rell and more importantly Val Kilmer. Number two will star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here's another decent trailer of the Bourne Supremacy.

Past Links of the Day