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A comic site featuring the misadventures of some kids that hang around a mall. I think I've already seen this movie before.

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Eternal Darkness coming to film and television.

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MORE CAINE!!! No more caps after this one, I promise. Scroll down to the bottom to read the interview with Matthew Woodring Stover.

DR: You're also the author of two highly acclaimed fantasy novels featuring Caine, the actor and assassin: HEROES DIE and BLADE OF TYSHALLE. Are there going to be more books in this series?

MWS: I am hard at work already on the third of the Acts of Caine: CAINE BLACK KNIFE. Like the first two, this novel will be a stand-alone. I'm not a fan of most endless storyline fantasy series--in fact, I'm not a fan of any of them. I think the Acts of Caine are most profitably read in order of publication, but each one is a complete novel, and they can really be read in any order.

I have a sketch for a trilogy set in the Earth/Overworld universe, but if that comes along, it will be clearly labeled as such. And, y'know, BLADE OF TYSHALLE is as long as some trilogies, but that kinda happened by accident. My agent said, "Matt, if you're going to write a multi-book story, you need to tell me in advance, so I can sell it as one."

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Game over, man, game over!

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A new breed of hero!

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Buried booty?

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Xbox 2 and PS3 are both being pushed back a year to 2006.

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MacOS 8 > Windows NT.
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With Soul Calibur 2 so close on the horizon, you guys better hurry and make those controller modifications. You sick fucks!
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Trillian is a versatile chatting software that consolidates AIM, ICQ, MSN, YAHOO, and IRC into a single program. It is my chatting program of choice.

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Beautify your desktop with something.

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The Top 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy books as compiled by the Science Fiction Book Club. I don't agree with most of it, but nonetheless worth a gander.

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If want some out of copyright reading material for your PDA or for whatever reason, this is the place to go.

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Here are some games for those who get bored as easily as I do.

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I'm so afraid of what a live action Transformers movie could turn into.

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I sympathize with the plight of the Amish.

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Federal Court rules that video games should be given the same constitutional protections as a painting, book, or movie. Hopefully, this holds up in the Supreme Court.

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Summer, the stripper character from the Xbox video game title Outlaw Golf and the upcoming Outlaw Volleyball launches her own website. This is the single most brilliant marketing ploy I have ever been a privy to.

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My Neopet can beat up your Neopet.

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As large of a Dune fan as I am, I always thought that Frank Herbert's vision of an aircraft modeled after the dragonfly, the Onithopter, was absurd. I guess the military did not agree.

Military looks to mimic dragonflies

Researchers in Canberra have been tracking the way dragonflies move and scientists believe the insect's flight control could have applications in new planes and helicopters. The research is a joint project of the Australian National University and the Defence, Science and Technology Organisation. It is analysing how dragonflies use quick aerial movements in a way which makes them appear to be a stationary object. The male dragonfly precisely adjusts its position relative to a rival very quickly, so that its image always occupies the same spot on the rival's eyeline. Researcher Javaan Chahl says it allows the dragonfly to disguise itself as a motionless object. "If we could have an aircraft for example which could do some of the things that a dragonfly can do, then we would have something that nobody has, or is predicted to have, for some time," Dr Chahl said. The next step for researchers is to investigate how the dragonflies achieve their aerial acrobatics. "To the animal that's being shadowed, the shadowing animal is stationary part of the environment," Dr Chahl said. "The question is how do they do it. "We haven't really answered how they do it but we have identified that they do something pretty amazing."

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"CLEARLY we haven't spent enough money trying to make fighting vehicles based on animals, eh Johnson?" "Uh.... yes sir."

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What layer of Dante's Hell will you reside at in the afterlife?
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