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--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/31/03 12:32 PST.

Long live piracy.

Submitted by Terralor.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/30/03 14:45 PST.

Here are a few useful tips on getting the most out of your rig for gaming.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/29/03 07:21 PST.

This is a bad idea. Gambling with money at stake on when a terrorist attack will occur can do nothing but promote such activities and bring more attention to these attacks than they already have.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/28/03 07:09 PST.

Ayami Kojima has been Castlevania's lead artist and character designer for its past several incarnations, check out some of her work.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/26/03 16:18 PST.

Female Samurai flick starring Japanese pop idol Yumiko Shaku, neat. From the trailer this is some decent looking shit. Then again I said the same thing about Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever. Expect a review when I get the dvd and find time to watch it.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/25/03 12:20 PST.

Celia Calle is a contract artist from New York. Check out her crazy stuff.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/24/03 10:41 PST.

I'd be doing the same thing if I were in his position, but then again I'd never be in his position. So the point is moot.

Submitted by Terralor.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/23/03 18:55 PST.

Asheron's Call 2 is consolidating its 9 servers to a more realistic 4. The growth of the game has been stunted because its game play is ass.

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 7/22/03 10:27 PST.

That Koreanimation movie Wonderful Days was released recently in Korea to good reviews. I just wanna know when those normally dependable Asians are gonna pirate that thing onto Kazaa so I can steal, er share it.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/21/03 15:11 PST.

Do you think that Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg sit around and talk about WWII all day?

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/19/03 10:20 PST.

Thanks to Alienware easily upgradable notebook computers are here.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/18/03 01:01 PST.

Etherlords II, a multiplayer turn based rpg has opened for beta testing.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/17/03 00:03 PST.

Just got back from the Comic Con. Here is your lotd. An original prototype G.I. Joe is auctioning at the convention for over $600,000. You can give me that money and I'll knit you a G.I. Joe.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/16/03 06:16 PST.

You sick fucks!

Submitted by Terralor.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/14/03 07:18 PST.

Pong Version 3.0

Submitted by Terralor.

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 7/14/03 10:00 PST.

Browse for info about your favorite RPGs here.

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 7/12/03 12:44 PST.

Half-life movie?

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/11/03 15:04 PST.

A website dedicated to listing history's greatest speaches. Here is their small, but rapidly growing movie section.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/10/03 13:57 PST.

Hulk doll is anatomically correct.

Submitted by Terralor.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/09/03 10:53 PST.

Marvel Comics is rolling out a comic book arc September 10th featuring the late Princess Diana as a superhero, called, get this, Di Another Day. Peter Milligan, the writer of the new comic arc, exclaimed, "she looks great in Spandex!"

How to put this succinctly? Wait, I know. Worst. Marketing. Ploy. Ever.

Submitted by Terralor.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/08/03 07:22 PST.

Gamers are social multitaskers. But I live in a cave...a cave with a generator to power all my games.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/07/03 14:22 PST.

An interesting article on how Netflix is changing the paradigm of the video rental business.

--Posted by KenshiroKing @ 7/06/03 09:36 PST.

You can use this handy World Clock to figure out what time it is in France so you can plan your prank phone calls to Jacques Chirac.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/05/03 00:53 PST.

A nifty guide to RAM optimization.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/03/03 07:17 PST.

A man was charged with assault on his girlfriend after she beat him in an arm-wrestling contest and called him a "wimp."

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/02/03 00:39 PST.

Gamefaqs is sponsoring a video game character battle. Join the voting to see your favorite character on the top.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 7/01/03 12:45 PST.

A new Battlestar Galactica?

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