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August 22, 2004

Links of the Day

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 22:01 PST.

I know it's been a long time since the last update. I've been busy. Here's some stuff to make it up to you.

Working in the video game industry is pretty funny sometimes. We've taken up a practice of "Hoffing" each other, whereby whenever we see anybody who has stepped away from their computer without locking it we go over and put up a picture of David Hasselhoff as the wallpaper. It's gotten to the point where even when I'm at home, I've taken up the entirely unnecessary practice of locking my computer to prevent getting "Hoffed."

Anyways on to the news.

Here's a very entertaining interview from Game Informer with Cliffy B.
Bleszinski: I think Nintendo has a place. You know, Sony's always said this. But it seems to me like Nintendo is more interested lately in doing like just weird stuff like they're a think tank, you know? Like to try and push gaming forward in its own interesting and unique direction. They've got games like the bongo game, and that game that's like pinball against an army. And it's like, "Okay, congratulations. You're different. You win." It's like the kid who gets a big tattoo on his forehead at school. It's like, "Well, you're different."

In depth, Halo 2 beta information leaked.

Halo 2 theatrical trailer!

Kind of old, but here's the E3 2k4 video of Halo 2 Multiplayer.

More Halo craziness.

For those in need of a multi-player powerup timer for Halo. Here you go.


Video-Opera: A great 2D fighting game videos site.

From Video-Opera: The Beast is the greatest fighting video ever made. Courtesy of one of the greatest 2d fighters who ever lived, Daigo. With no health left to block a Chun Li super in the last round of the Street Fighter III 2004 EVOlution tournament he battles back with an insane parry string. It has to be seen to believed.

Bill Gates expressed interest in buying Nintendo. I love that crazy Bill guy. If you didn't know I'm a Microsoft fanboy.

Atari announces Neverwinter Nights 2. To be made by Obsidian Studios.

Chupathingy. That's the animal that runs around Mexico killing all those goats right? -KenshiroKing

Happy Tree Friends are cool.

Normal mapping is gonna change the industry. 3D Studio Max has Normal mapping.

E3 trailer of Counter-Strike Source.

This is an article with an overview of what the Source engine is capable of…
"If you've seen the Matrix (who hasn't, right?), you're familiar with the office building scene where Neo and Trinity blast away a lower level filled with pillars. The walls, the floors, and the pillars themselves were made of marble. Source doesn't go so far as to allow you to actually chip away at walls, however it makes you feel like it's so during a firefight. Clipping walls as you trace a player behind them will give you the feeling that you're actually doing damage to the structure. Bullet impressions stay, and look very realistic."

This is a site that takes the latest images posted on LiveJournal entries and posts them in one easy place to reach. Hit the refresh button over and over to see the latest pics.

Megaman Versus Ghosts and Goblins. Great flash game.

Spidey 2 Lego edition.

Communal log ins to bypass online registration.

Chris "Christmas" Rodriguez

What is up with the crazy Japanese and their box cutters? -submitted by Kenshiroking

You might remember a few of the articles I posted up about how ridiculous some of the tactics and lying that Michael Moore has done. Well Here's a movie coming about titled "Michael Moore Hates America."
A little ballance is always nice.

Be sure to check out his store.

Here's what ProfessionalAssKicker has been up to if you were wondering. Working for the San Diego Zoo.

Stop wasting time while in the car or on the go. Learn something with an audio book. makes it possible to download audio books from their collection of 18,000 titles. For a subscription fee of $20 you can download 2 books in MP3 format a month.

Star Trek nerds scare me...

These guys' 3d modeling skillz make me want to cry.

"Last March, NASA carried out the world's first test flight of a scramjet-powered aircraft. The Industrial Physicist has the latest results from this test. According to the article scramjet-powered missiles and aircraft could be in mass production as early as 2010. This piece is also a good introduction for those unfamilar with scramjet technology."

Comic Khaan! We came back from the San Diego Comic Convention a while back. We had a great time. Here's some stuff from the convention.

Awesome art that I discovered at the San Diego Comic Convention.

Another interesting looking indie comic.

As you may have noticed that some of this news is kinda old. But I can assure you that when I originally got this news it was leading edge brand new shit.

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