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God of War Ascension

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

These playthroughs of the bosses I designed, scripted and implemented in God of War Ascension.

God of War Ascension Alecto and Tisiphone Boss Playthrough

God of War Ascension Castor and Pollux Playthrough

God of War Ascension Megaera and Tisiphone Boss Fight

God of War Ascension: Manticore Mini-Boss Fight GoW

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God of War: Ascension Buttonless Mini-Games (QTE) Prototype

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Posted by Tony Huynh.
Punch-Out “Buttonless Mini-Games” Prototyping

Here is the original prototype for the Buttonless mini-games that shipped in God of War Ascension. I worked on this concept along with Animator Michael Biancalana.

Note: This is an early prototype that happened as we were wrapping up God of War 3 so the animations and camera are obviously not polished. Also ignore the cone on top of Kratos’ head. :)

The goals for this new feature were twofold:

1: Maintain a cinematic experience by reducing the need of intrusive button prompts.
In this video of the original prototype the player and enemy have a lot more options than what we eventually shipped with.

The player has the following offensive attacks, light attack (fast/low damage); heavy attack (slow/high damage) and Block Breaker. Defensively the player has evades, block and counter.

The enemy could use light attacks which could be blocked or heavy attacks that were unblockable (but can be parried). The enemy would also occasionally counter the player to promote a feeling of a back and forth struggle.

The challenge here was to make the attacks read well and for the player to be able to discern the correct paper/rock/scissor response to the enemy’s actions. I believe we were successful in our prototype, but ultimately we shipped a streamlined version of what we prototyped for readability as well as to save on animation costs.

2: Get the camera close to show off how good our character models look
I always felt that It has been a shame that the gameplay camera in God of War is typically so wide that the crazy detail our artists put into characters is missed. Whenever I moved the camera close to our characters there was just so much detail that was not being shown that it mandated that we keep the camera tight for this mode.

I hope you found this interesting and enjoyed the prototype video and I’ll be posting some more prototyping I did for the bosses, AI cast as well as player and cooperative mode mechanics at some future date.

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Life in your 30s

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Posted by Tony Huynh.

I saw this topic on reddit written by reddit user Ass_Munch_Reborn and it reminded me of how good I’ve got it now that I’m in my 30s.

Damn it, this is the BEST time around.

It’s the best of all worlds. I still have the energy to hang with the 20 year olds, but I don’t have to eat top-ramen, worry about some stupid class, deal with stupid roommates or immature girls. I got money, an established career, and can really afford any creature comfort or any vacation I want. Basically – everything those young people are striving for.

I can also hang with the older crowd. I have all the things they have in terms of material goods, but shit, I still appreciates my new found semi-wealth. I can play with my friends babies when I need a baby fix. Go wine tasting with them. Whatever.

I am not beaten down by the world yet, but I have already gone through the Socially Awkward Penguin stage. I can discuss stock market trends and how to invest my 401(K) with some people, yet still kick it on reddit and enjoy stupid memes that would confuse 40 year olds. Let’s face it, I can watch DuckTales on an nostalgic, and ironic level. How awesome is that?

I play basketball at noon three times a week – but at work on a perfectly manicured campus. I have a fiancee who is cute and fun, but also mature enough to not have to worry about useless drama. I’m not scrambling around, trying to scare a career, but I still am learning quite a bit.

The worst is behind, and the best is yet to come.

Well, I admit, I did paint a rosy picture of myself that comes off as a little self-aggrandizing. But I guess it’s Saturday night, and I am feeling a bit philosophical. So, I will impart some words of wisdom that will most likely be savagely torn apart by obscure anecdotal evidence and bitter people, or hidden deep in this post.

So I will say this. When you are in your lates teens or early 20s, everyone is kind of the same. Poor, young, eager. You are a product of your parents and your genes.

When you hit 34, you are a product of your actions.

And I have a dichotomy of friends, those that succeeded, and those that failed. I guess I can say I succeeded. Anyway, I can see that patterns that emerged from “failures” and “successes”. I want to describe what makes a person a failure and a success (and these are the things that I wish someone told me earlier).

Characteristics of Failures at age 34:

  • Believe the world is rigged against them. The stock market is rigged against them – so they’ll never bother investing. Their genes make them fat – so why bother running. This country doesn’t do shit for the working class, so they’re doomed to fail. Being “poor” in your 20s is natural. Being “poor” in your 30s is a state of mind.
  • Do the minimum to get buy and don’t understand that much of the world’s success comes from doing what is right. They won’t stay after work to do an extra assignment to help someone. They never read a book that could be helpful in their career in their free time. They won’t volunteer their time or money to help a friend. They don’t realize that when you have good intentions ingrained into you, people notice, people pay you back, and you get ahead.
  • Believe they “deserve” everything. I’ve seen many a rel
  • ationship ruined by a demanding guy or girl who felt they deserved a Prince Charming or Super women who could didn’t exist, and then blame the opposite gender for being weird. Or, they deserve a promotion and they are underpaid, so they put in hardly any work because they feel slighted.

  • Stubborn and hardheaded. No one knows everything. We all have pre-conceived notions. The ones that stay in a rut always stick by their guns, even if they are wrong. The ironic thing is that most people claim they are “informed” and stick by their guns, in fact, purposely choose ignorance
  • These are the people who work shit jobs or are unemployed. Single or divorced. Poor or in debt. The worst part is, their actions only make their situation worse, because it also reinforces their own retarded hardheaded beliefs of a world against them denying them what they deserve.

    Charactics of Successes at age 34:

  • Natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. Why do I invest in the Stock Market? Because, fuck, I learned from the guy that created the “Binomial Option Pricing Model” to learn about derivatives. I realized that simply knowing the Security Market Line makes me more confident. When I am at work, and I see some new technology – fuck – I have to learn how to do it. I will spend my Saturday night learning web design (that is what I’m doing right now). That’s not even in my job description anymore. And all my friends who succeeded at work and in life? They do the same stuff. We are perpetual students.
  • Doing what is right is routine. This applies to your whole life. You make the bed in the morning, it means that you value your house, you value organization, you realize that a little bit of work goes a long way to bring order. All my loser friends have unkempt beds, all my successful friends have made beds. Exercise is routine. When you work out constantly, and you don’t exercise, you have feel just wrong. It’s that ingrained. Eating right becomes natural. If you treat friends’ right without any expectations in return, you will suddenly find that your friends will stick by you no matter what. You automatically save money each month, it just becomes routine, and there’s no sacrifice involved.
  • Believe they control their own destiny. They realize that while luck has a small part to play some of the time, it evens out over a lifetime. You work your ass off, it will pay off. You eat right and exercise; you will be slim, fit, and running circles around your fat 35 year olds. You tackle whatever faults you have, you will magically not have those at faults. Fuck, I’m doing that right now. I’m 34, and I’m heading to toastmasters because public speaking scares the shit out of me.
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    God of War III (3) Combo Video and Damien Walters 2010 Demo Reel

    Monday, May 3rd, 2010

    Posted by Tony Huynh.

    God of War III Combo Video – Spartan Mayhem
    Really amazing God of War 3 Combo video that does a great job of showcasing how deep God of War III’s combat is. It’s well-edited and has some really good music to boot. My favorite part is when the player kicks the Oil Pot underneath the Minotaur while juggling him.

    Damien Walters 2010 Demo Reel
    This reel features the incredible Damien Walters in tumbling, stunts and freerunning. Definitely worth a watch.

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    The Expendables Movie Trailer of 80s Awesomeness

    Thursday, April 1st, 2010

    Posted by Tony Huynh.

    I can’t believe my eyes!

    Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the same movie? The 80s are back!

    No, this is not an April Fools joke.

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