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A Real Guitar Hero – Sungha Jung 12 Year Old Prodigy Fingerstyle Guitarist

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Sungha Jung is a 12-year-old fingerstyle guitarist from South Korea. This kid makes me think I wasted my youth playing video games. As I watched his videos over the last few years, it is like watching Sungha Jung grow up. The thought of how YouTube has chronicled people’s lives is a little weird. It just makes you realize how much YouTube has changed our lives. In video game development YouTube is the greatest referencing tool there is. As a fellow game developer asked the question, “how did we ever copy stuff before YouTube?”

Here are some of my favorite videos of his.

No Woman No Cry – Sungha Jung

All Along the Watchtower – Sungha Jung

Blackbird – Sungha Jung

Tango – Sungha Jung

Moon River – Sungha Jung

When the Children Cry – Sungha Jung

For further information on Jung Sungha check these sites out.

If you want to see a great movie about a child chess prodigy I would highly recommend the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer.

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