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Best MMA Fights & Genki Sudo: Real Life Video Game Character

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

So it was a lazy Sunday morning and I was just checking out to get my World of Warcraft rogue fix and saw this thread about the Best Mix Martial Arts Fights on the feed.

While I do watch some MMA fights when I catch them, I do not really keep up with them, and I only know a few fighters by name. The videos posted by Trops are very entertaining though. Here are some of the highlights.

This fight is straight out of a movie especially with the music. Just two guys standing toe-to-toe and pounding on each other over and over. No defense and not a lot of technique here, but relentlessly entertaining nonetheless.

Don Frye vs Takayama

This is another great fight. Lots of drama in this one.

Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg 2

The most amazing thing was actually posted by Nobahd in the comments section. It was a compilation video of Genki Sudo. Again I do not really follow MMA very closely, so I have never seen this guy before.

Genki Sudo is like a character out of a fighting video game, using flashy “are-you-kidding me?” moves that shouldn’t work on his opponents, but do because they are so unorthodox. His pre-fight introductions are hilarious also. Check out these videos:

Genki Sudo compilation and introduction:

Second Genki Sudo compilation:

It is too bad Genki Sudo is retired now. Last compilation video:

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