ESL Global Finals: Korean Team HON Wins Best WoW Tournament Game Ever «

ESL Global Finals: Korean Team HON Wins Best WoW Tournament Game Ever

Posted by Tony Huynh.
Despite not having played World of Warcraft since the end of season 3 arena in Burning Crusade, I continue to follow PvP tournaments, events and forums. I spent most of yesterday watching the ESL WoW tournament.

Prior to the matches, the American teams were saying how they would beat the European teams and the European teams were saying that they could beat the Korean and American teams, while the Korean teams remained silent. The two Korean teams let their games do the talking and destroyed the 3 American team and 7 European team entrants to reach an all-Korean finals.

The tournament was chock full of very exciting matches, but none of them rival what the finals between the two Korean teams had in store.

I’ve included video of the match of the tournament. When I watched it I could not believe what I was seeing.

Team SK Gaming Asia (aka Council of Mages) is up 2 – 1 over team HON and only needs one more win to become the tournament champions and take home 30 thousand dollars in prize money.

Team SK Gaming had seemingly won the tournament when both the rogue and priest went down for team HON. The shoutcasters were already congratulating Team SK Gaming, but in an improbable turn of events OrangeMarmalade, the mage from team Hon, manages to kill the Mage from Team SK Gaming Asia despite facing a 1v2 (practically unheard of in WoW PvP) and runs out the 20 minute clock to secure the victory to tie up the match 2 –2. They then go on to win the final match and the tournament as Team SK Gaming Asia (COM) could not recover from such a spectacular defeat.

SK Gaming Asia vs. HON Round 4a Grand Final 2 – Global Finals

SK Gaming Asia vs. HON Round 4b Grand Final 2 – Global Finals

If you would like to read some more of my thoughts on the design of WoW PvP, you can read my article, Low Skill Cap and Luck (RNG) in World of Warcraft PvP.

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