Crayon Physics Indie Game Released Today and 9 Theatrical Movie and Short Film «

Crayon Physics Indie Game Released Today and 9 Theatrical Movie and Short Film

I wanted to let you guys know that a great indie game came out today called Crayon Physics. Crayon Physics was created by one-man developer Petri Purho of Kloonigames. He is famous for developing games on his own in the very tight deadline of one month. I saw him give a talk at GDC 2007 and he showed off a lot of his indie games that are available for free download. They were very simple games that were fascinating and a lot of them could have easily been expanded into full games if given more time. Well he has done just that with Crayon Physics. The game is a much larger project than the usual fare from Kloonigames and will set you back $20. Check out the videos of the gameplay.

Crayon Physics Video 1

Crayon Physics Deluxe from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

Crayon Physics Video 2

Crayon Physics Deluxe trailer 2 from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

If you like the soundtrack of Crayon Physics it is available for free download.

You can buy Crayon Physics here.


On another note I was talking with a co-worker and we started to discuss what books or movies would make a great game. He told me about Shane Acker’s 9. 9 is a short film that was getting a full length theatrical release and is being produced by Tim Burton.

9 Official Theatrical Trailer

9 Short Film
This is the original award winning short film.

Does that beg for a game or what?

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