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2 Months: Star Wars Vs. Star Trek, Super Mario Level Mod and Flash Game Sonny

So today marks the second month since the resurgence of LimitlessUnits.com. I continue to enjoy writing and working on the website and I am learning something new almost daily by doing so. You can look forward to a lot more from LimitlessUnits.com in the next month. Over the next week or so I’ll be traveling to visit family and the site may not be updated as often, but I’ll continue writing on the trip and hopefully build up a backlog in which to draw from. For now I’ve got some movies and a couple of flash games that you shouldn’t miss.

I know this is a little older, but if there’s a chance you haven’t see it yet, it’s pretty awesome.

Star Wars Versus Star Trek

This is another old video, but again if you haven’t seen it it’s great. The commentary by the player is the best. This is a great showcase for using the player’s expectations against them and what not to do in game design taken to the extreme.

Most Difficult Super Mario Level Mod Ever Part 1

This is a link to the rapid share for the mod if you want to play it yourself.

As promised I bring you one of the best flash games I’ve ever played and one that is so intentionally bad it wraps back around on the scale. The first one is Sonny, a surprisingly deep flash RPG where you play as a super zombie, who has lost his memory. The best part about Sonny is that it is free. So what have you got to lose?

Sonny Free Flash RPG Game

This is the intentionally bad flash game. The game is called The Worst Game Ever and its tag line is “where spare time goes to die.”

The Worst Flash Game Ever

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