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Welcome to 1 Month

Today this blog turned one month old. Looking back at it, I’m proud of what has been accomplished in the last month. I’ve learned a lot and gotten a taste of it and enjoy it too much to stop now. I will be trying to increase the amount of original content coming to this site. Currently I am exploring several options to get the site updated everyday, but the last thing I want to do is sacrifice any quality for more updates. I was just over at penny-arcade and they are celebrating their ten-year anniversary and that puts this one-month anniversary in perspective. Well, just wanted to say thanks and I hope that I brought you some value.

I won’t make any promises, but barring anything catastrophic I should have a more substantial video game post tomorrow. Here are some things for you to pass the time in the interim.

Peta’s Version of Cooking Mama
The game is surprisingly fun and in terrible taste. It is worth a play through.

Mirror’s Edge in 2D
Really good looking animations for a flash game.

Couple of videos to top it off.

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