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Mirror’s Edge Demo Review

The Mirror’s Edge Demo is out and available for download for both the PSN and XLA. EA and DICE have done just an amazing job at creating buzz for this game. This is a lesson in how to combine music with onscreen action.

Check out the newly released demo trailer here:

And the announce trailer here:

Having played through the demo a few times already, I found that the controls are very fluid once you get it down. I had to switch out from the default controller settings to an option called, “Shoulder Swap” to really get comfortable. This game reminded me a lot of the Xbox game first person shooter / fighting game Breakdown. Just like in Breakdown the amount of camera bobbing and motion may cause some people to get motion sickness. My girlfriend watched me play and immediately became nauseated. I have found that as long as I am at the controls, motion sickness is not a problem for me.

The demo level was fairly linear, which is not surprising given that it is mostly a tutorial. I hope the rest of the game opens up a bit more though. Despite the linearity you can definitely see the potential of chaining all the moves together. When you do miss a jump the player will die by falling from great heights before hearing a bone crunching death. While you don’t see anything, the audio of the wet snap of bones going off is gruesome.

While the city lacks color and is almost monochromatic, there is a sheen to the city that makes it beautiful in its austerity. All the mirrored surfaces of the city are pretty cool as you are able to see the reflection of your character on these surfaces.

Overall, I would have to say the demo was great. I will be picking this game up on day one.

Here is an MP3 download of a fan-made remix of the main theme. Be sure to buy the official soundtrack, which will be released at the same time as the game.
Alcorus – Shine

The game and soundtrack releases on 11/11.
Amazon is doing a $10 giftcard for the game if you pre-order. Xbox360 l PS3 l PC

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